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Mission Statement​


The Government Printing Press shall render Printing services to all Ministries, Government Departments and other entities in a timely and cost effective manner using the latest available technology. This should ultimately result in an overall reduction in bureaucracy and add to further simplified methods in procuring paper printing needs.

Press History

​​The Government Printing Press – Historical Notes

The art of printing was originated by Johan Gutenberg (c1400 – 1468) in Mainz Germany, where for the very first time the Holy Bible was printed.  This art quickly spread throughout Europe.

In Malta’s case, a good number of years had to elapse when in 1642, Pompeo de Fiore, probably originating from Sicily, introduced the art of printing in the Maltese Islands. He asked Grand...

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 Contact Name
Industrial Estate, Marsa  - Malta 
MRS 3000​
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2200 1366/2200 1398